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3-Day Silent Health Retreat

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The Silent Health Retreat

The simplest yardstick to know whether you are living the life of a warrior is how you answer the question, “Do I have time for myself?” If you have all the time in the world to do business and fulfill all your worldly desires, but have no time to develop your mind-body health, you are leading the life of an ordinary man. The ordinary man is one who is lives and dies without knowing why. If training your mind–body does not come in the top three priorities in your life, you are leading an ordinary man’s life.

So make the best use of your time and learn the science of health and liberation. Reflect on these truths:
• Life is fragile; death can come at any moment.
• Health is fragile; illness can afflict me any moment.
• Why must I train the body when its final fate is cremation or burial?

The purpose of the training for a warrior was to experience freedom from negative mental qualities such as greed, anger and delusion. To free ourselves from suffering caused by these negativities, we need to meditate. One must have a strong body so that one can meditate diligently.

The Silent Health Retreat is focused on our health and well being. To experience the laws of nature within and without, silence is a great tool, which we shall use at the retreat. It will help us to sharpen our awareness and observe the reality within the framework of the body.

This science of training, Kukikan, is the most simplified process where no more short-cuts are possible. No intellectual gymnastics. No visualizations. No verbalization. Instead, in Kukikan, the student has to exert pure effort.

Kukikan is the pointer to The Middle Path, which is what the warrior follows. All the enlightened ones have prescribed the middle path.

The middle path is dynamic in nature, constantly changing. It is not fixed. It is treacherous and needs constant non-judgmental awareness. Breath is the bridge which connects the mind and body. For a warrior, the final frontier is training the mind by using the body as a tool and the breath as a bridge. This is the essence of Kukikan training.

Since it is your own time and life you can choose how to make best use of the retreat. Your experiential wisdom will be directly proportional to your own effort and commitment.

At the retreat you will provided with nutritious food and basic amenities. Living the life of a renunciate will help you to understand and overcome your attachments. This silent health retreat is aimed at the process of mind-body training, where practice meets theory. Considering the extreme time constraints for most people, three days will give a glimpse of this training process.

For a profile of Sensei Kuki visit:
Contact: Sensei Kuki - 093724-79576


Venue: Madhyama marg Retreat and Training Centre,
behind Tanaji School, near Kondhanpur village, 7 kms from Shivapur Phata (opposite Hotel Muktangan, 10 minutes drive from Katraj Ghat on Pune-Bangalore Highway), Kondhanpur, Pune.
[About 30 kms from Deccan gymkhana.]
PMT bus No. 292 from Swargate to Kodhanpur every 20-30 minutes.

Start Time: Thursday, February 4, 2010 at 4:00pm
End Time: Sunday, February 7, 2010 at 2:00pm
Location: Shivapur, Near Pune

Fees: Rs. 3500 per person. (Excluding your travel) [To be paid in advance at the time of registration]. Individuals who cannot afford but have the inclination and eligibility may call Sensei Kuki for exemption of fees. Fees once paid will not be refunded, compensated or transferred.

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