Saturday, June 26, 2010 - Revenue Chart Screenshot - My Revenue Chart Screenshot

What you see above is one of the cool features in Suite for writers - a graphic representation of the revenue that my five articles have earned so far. I started off with a sedate five cent opening gambit and then the two peaks are for 37 and 36 cents with a humble one cent sandwiched in between.

I just love those twin peaks.

So I am making a few cents daily on a base of just five articles. So I have decided to go ahead and write an article for Suite first thing daily and try to reach the milestone of 50 articles latest by 25 September. I am giving myself two days for each article though I will try to submit an article daily.

I am posting this here so that my muse and anti-muse can both see it.

Okay, now I am going to submit my sixth article.

Jai ho!

(I saved my post yesterday about Suite's coolest features without posting it and planned to continue it today before clicking "Submit Post". However, I have posted it as it is. I may add to it some other day or just delete it or link it to the new post with all the coolest features.)

Bonus tip: Always preview your blog post before clicking "Publish Post". I did that and had to resize the image.

Be good and you will naturally be blessed.

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