Friday, June 25, 2010 Revenue

Suite Revenue Stream Starts Flowing

Okay, five cents rolled into my Suite account on 20 June and another 37 cents rolled in on 22 June.
Grand total: 42 cents so far.
Promising start.
I started just ten days ago and have just five articles published.

I was skeptical about the income model for its writers: Suite's writers are paid only if and when someone clicks on any of the ads surrounding their articles.

It does seem quite a precarious way to make a buck. Why would anyone want to click on ads? I hardly ever do.

You get zilch even if a thousand people read your articles but don't click on any ad.

Well, Google is earning millions from their Pay-per-click ads every month. earns thousands of dollars.
Many writers at Suite are making hundreds of dollars every month presumably because other people are reading their articles and clicking on ads around their articles.

I read that a Suite writer can count on earning a dollar per article per month. Many do better. Most don't.

Life is unpredictable.
And so are the earnings from writing for

So if you are writing for Suite only for the money, you should perhaps put on your thinking cap.

One thing is clear: the more articles you publish, the more you are likely to  earn.

As Julia Cameron advises: Take care of the quantity and let the universe take care of the quality.

Amen to that and good night.

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