Monday, April 4, 2011

I've Won My First Contest in 2011

I woke up today morning and the first thing I did was to fire up my computer and go to the C.P. Anthologies blog. 

Thankfully, I was in time to submit my entry for the contest. I noticed that no one else had submitted an entry yet, which was surprising, since it was such a fun contest and it was free to enter:

Anyway, the rules were:
In 75 words or less, pitch me the SyFy channel’s next hit movie.  What does it take to be SyFy, you wonder?  Well have a look (at your own risk, of course):

The first rule of SyFy is to always base your movie around an altered animal as shown in Mega Piranha.

Or an altered “thing” as shown in Behemoth.

The second rule of SyFy is to hire the best talent available within a three meter radius of yourself as done in Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.
The third rule of SyFy is that skin is optional as shown in Triassic Attack.

So, I decided not to procrastinate any more and after rejecting pythons, giant cobras, dragons, dinosaurs,  flying sharks and locusts, I decided that the creepiest threat would be from 20-feet big man-eating cockroaches.
So I submitted my pitch just a couple of hours before the deadline and guess what!
I won the contest.
To read all the gory details, go to:

(It's worth your while, because C.P.'s post announcing me as the winner is absolutely hilarious.)
Anyway, the moral of the story is be proactive and submit entries to every contest - especially the ones that don't ask for an entry fee.

So, cheers to C.P. for giving me the chance to defeat my inertia, my resistance, my anti-muse and many thanks.

Every victory on this path is sweet, and today's was very sweet, indeed.

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