Monday, January 4, 2010

The Best Way to Handle Criticism

Whenever anyone criticizes you, focus all your energy into listening.
Don’t try to defend yourself
Don’t try to justify yourself
Don’t counterattack.
Listen in silence until the critic has finished.

Then reflect on the criticism.

Is it truthful?
If it is, accept it.
Don’t blame yourself or get depressed.
Everyone makes mistakes.
It's the price you pay for living.
Resolve not to repeat the mistake and put it behind it.
If possible, remedy your mistake.
Apologize. Make amends.

Is the criticism unjustified?
Then you need not blame yourself.
Examine the best way to resolve the situation.

Whether the criticism is right or wrong, don’t allow it to disturb the peace of your mind.
If your mind is calm, you will not hurt yourself or others.

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