Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to Add Titles and Special Effects Easily to YouTube Videos - Post Seventh Article on Suite101.com

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 It still takes me three hours to publish an article at Suite101.com.

The latest article is the 7th at Suite.

How to Add Titles and Special Effects Easily to YouTube Videos

This is my fourth article on creating videos and I will be writing at least two or three more articles.

One advantage is that I am interlinking these articles, by providing links to each other within the article and giving a list of the other articles under Related Articles. So anyone who reads one of these articles is likely to click on the other links and read the other articles since they are so closely related.

For example, in this article, these are the internal links to the previous three articles on videos, right at the start of the article:

Creating and uploading videos on YouTube is one of the most effective methods of online marketing. Fortunately, almost all the steps of video-marketing such as:
are quick, easy and extremely cost-effective.

And these are the external links at the end of the article:

Related Articles:

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All the other articles are similarly interlinked to each other. This increase their individual ranking in Google Search Pages.

Besides, Suite also displays hyperlinked titles of my related articles automatically on the same page alongside my article.

I plan to submit one more article in June, maybe two.

Score so far in two weeks: 7 articles, 250 pageviews, $2.15 revenue.

So far, so good.

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