Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Setback Is Not A SetBack...

...If It Is Followed By A Comeback
Image: freepixels.com

This feek (1 to 5 July) has not been a complete waste.

However I haven't written any articles or posted any blogs.
It is impossible to avoid lapses altogether.
All you can do is to reduce the frequency, duration and intensity of lapses.
If the lapse goes on for too long, it becomes that much harder to make a comeback.
And because it is so hard to start a comeback, you may avoid it and thus continue the lapse, leading to a sustained downward spiral.

I have discovered that the first thing is to accept the lapse and to start the comeback with easy steps.
For example, today I started by replying to email, which was easier than writing an article or posting a blog.
Once you take the first step, it's easier to take the second step, and then the third step.
Each step makes it easier to take the next step and soon you find yourself in the middle of your comeback. Once you have the momentum of a few steps, it's harder to continue the comeback.

One caution:
At this stage, when your comeback is still fragile, you must be careful to protect it against fresh lapses. For example, avoid distractions such as TV or even newspapers, and try to focus on generating a stable momentum.

One strategy to prevent a relapse is to use "rapid-fire". Do different positive actions: exercise for 15 minutes, then meditate for 15 minutes, write for 15 minutes and so on. Create a chain of positive interlinking actions.

And don't look back.
Until the next lapse.


  1. Rapid fire. Well I can't personally can speak much about that. Unless you count web browsing on the sofa as a positive action. I'll be doing some serious sitting soon though. Then onto the next helpful action......that's the idea right?

  2. Ho Laith, thanks for your comment. Well, I have found that if I want to get off the sofa to exercise, it seems easier to tell myself that I'm going to exercise for just 15 minutes. Once I start, it's easier to continue or to do something else such as replying to email for the next 15 minutes.

    I use rapid fire just to overcome the initial inertia. For example, after dinner or a TV binge or a long nap or...