Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lose Weight Easily and Permanently Using Six Simple Strategies

Want to Lose Weight? Say "Only One Please"to Chocolates

According to a World Health Organization report, one billion adults worldwide are overweight and three million adults are considered to be clinically obese. To deal with this international epidemic of obesity, most weight-loss programs are based on three key principles:

Eat Fewer Calories
The most fundamental principle in weight management is to restrict the amount of food that you eat. Eating fewer calories than you expend daily arrests creeping obesity and results in stable loss of weight. One important tool to do this is to maintain a diet diary of what you eat and drink.

Though it is important to avoid overeating, you must avoid the other extreme of starving yourself. Extreme dieting is not only unnecessary but also counterproductive and it is the most common cause of failure of most weight-loss programs. Most doctors would advise you: When you are hungry, eat!

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Lose Weight Easily and Permanently Using Six Simple Strategies

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  1. Isn't the Indian diet an enemy of weight loss efforts and the friend of taste bud temptation?

  2. Unfortunately, it does seem all good things are fattening, illegal or immoral. Lord, why do sweets and fried stuff taste so good!