Sunday, February 13, 2011

47 Hearts Kindle Book: How to Align Life Purpose with Passion

47 Hearts, a Kindle book written by Dr. Mani, is an inspirational guide to enable readers to reach their goals by harnessing three key strengths: passion, purpose and persistence.

Healing Hearts of Children Using the Power of the Internet

Initially, Dr. Mani narrates the three most important turning points of his life. The third turning point was in 1997 after he became a heart surgeon. Working with children born with congenital heart defects and interacting with their parents gave him a unique perspective about their problems. Limited finances, lack of awareness and restricted access to resources meant most children either didn’t get medical attention or got it too late.

Heart surgery is costly, even in India, and the treatment of each child costs around $2,500. Though the state government contributes 50 percent of the cost of treatment, many of his patients couldn’t afford to pay the remaining charges. 47 Hearts is the story of how Dr. Mani launched a successful internet business to raise funds for treatment of children with congenital heart defects. Since 1996, Dr. Mani and his team have raised over $137,200 from 1,020 donors, and used the money to sponsor heart operations for 70 children with congenital heart defects.

47 Tips to Live a Life of Purpose and Passion
In 47 Hearts, Dr. Mani lists 47 simple but effective secrets that helped him to achieve his mission. In addition to axioms about the importance of passion, purpose and persistence, he underlies the importance of qualities such as focus, gratitude, ethics, discipline, enlightened self-interest, meditation, leadership and teamwork. Dr. Mani describes the most effective way to apply each principle, drawing on his own experiences and insights as a heart surgeon and internet entrepreneur.

For example, one of Dr. Mani’s tipsis to use a mantra instead of a mission statement. He explains that it’s easier to recall and recite a short and pithy mantra that embodies the spirit of your dream and instantly communicates it to others. For example, his personal mantra is, “I will not accept a child dying,” and his team’s mantra is, “"Help Heal a Child's Heart".

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